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President of the Committee
  • Professor Yannis Maniatis
    fmr Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
Committee Members
  • Konstantinos Mathioudakis
    Professor, National Technical University of Athens, fmr Secretary General for Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry of Environment and Energy
  • Konstantinos Triantis
    Member of the European Academy of Sciences (Academia Europaea), fmr Special Secretary for Water Ministry of Energy and Climate Change, Managing Director

The «Georgios M. Mihalos Foundation – Sustainability of Nisyros» NPO has established the granting of annual scholarships, with the name “Georgios M. Mihalos Scholarship”, to the first three students of Nisyros who succeed in their admission to higher education institutions (Universities) starting with the academic year 2022-2023, and retroactively for the academic year 2021-2022.

The overarching objective of the “Georgios M. Mihalos Scholarships” is to support the top students that have succeeded in their University entry exams, providing in this way an extra motive for the students of Nisyros to pursue higher education and excellence in their academic journey, and to further solidify their attachment to their homeland, Nisyros, so as to encourage them to return upon their graduation, contributing to its sustainability.

Regulations & Process
Eligible to participate in the process are all the students that have enrolled officially in their respective undergraduate university and are already in their first year of studies, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • They have to be graduates of the Nisyros High School
  • They have to attend the Nisyros High School for at least 2 years before their graduation
  • Their place of permanent residence is Nisyros
  • They succeeded in their University entry exams
  • They are enrolled officially as undergraduate students.

Three scholarships are awarded and the amount of each scholarship amounts to:
- 5.000 € per year for the first in rank
- 3.000 € per year for the second in rank
- 2.000 € per year for the third in rank

Procedure for nominating fellows

Those interested who meet the above conditions should submit an application with the corresponding supporting documents to the Foundation in which they declare that they wish to participate in the scholarship selection process.

Applications and supporting documents are evaluated by a three-member scholarship committee of the Foundation.

The committee draws up a list of candidates in order of eligibility, with criteria:
(a) the satisfaction of the conditions for participation, and
(b) the total number of units they have accumulated in the panhellenic exams for admission to higher education, taking into account and other factors (eg: family economy status, simultaneous receipt of another scholarship, etc).

During the evaluation, if deemed necessary, the committee may ask the candidates for additional supporting documents. The proposal is submitted to the institution’s board of directors, which announces the nominated fellows.

The scholarship is paid in instalments: The first half of the amount is paid to the awarded scholars at the end of the first semester of the academic year and after the scholars have provided supporting documents proving that they have actively attended their studies.

The second half is paid in two equal instalments, in the middle and at the end of the second academic semester, after the scholarship holders have provided supporting documents confirming that they have actively attended their studies.

More specifically, at the end of the first semester of study, the scholarship holder must provide a certificate from the relevant School of participation in the exams of at least 4 courses and also a certificate (e.g. grade certificate) showing that he/she has achieved a passable grade in at least one course, in order for an audit to be carried out to continue the scholarship. The same applies for the middle and end of the second semester.

Those interested are to submit electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the supporting documents requested.

The scholarship may be terminated if, for any reason, the financial inability of the Foundation should occur. In this case, no right arises in favor of the scholarship holder.

The Foundation has the right to decide, at its fullest discretion, upon the suspension or cancellation of the scholarship when imposed by serious reasons (scholar’s progress, ethics, behavior, employment, etc).