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Dear friends,

The creation of an international center for the exchange of views and fruitful dialogue on issues of the Environment, Geopolitics and Eastern Mediterranean, Energy and Security, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development, with the volcanic island of Nisyros at its core, arose from a personal need. It is a way of expressing gratitude to my father, after whom the foundation is named. My father deeply respected this place on earth, its every corner, every path and every drystone.

The «Georgios M. Mihalos Foundation» NPO with the think tank «Nisyros Dialogues – Bridging the East Med», is an international center for the exchange of views on issues of the Environment, Geopolitics and Eastern Mediterranean, Energy and Security, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development. A leading mover of ideas and a catalyst for promoting partnerships for sustainability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

A vision of mine that is being implemented together with fraternal friends who share my vision and today make up the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

Nisyros. A unique place. Island and volcano. Natural beauty and culture. At the edge of the Aegean. On the barren line. Still, where man, land and sea, found a fertile corner to grow.

The Foundation’s aim, with its «Nisyros Dialogues», is to protect and promote Nisyros’ natural and cultural heritage, to make them a subject of international reflection and research within the context of sustainable development in small islands, the Eastern Mediterranean and global environment.

To highlight the island’s local characteristics, displaying every element of its uniqueness, aiming to protect its natural environment and promoting the well-being of its inhabitants.

To enrich the public debate by creating a politico-economic content with views, thoughts and reflections, to be of use to the academic and scientific communities, decision-makers, public opinion leaders, representatives of civil society and political leaders, thus contributing to education and development of new innovative policies for the region’s environmentally sustainable development, so that Nisyros becomes an international model of sustainable practices and an attractive place of relocation and permanent residence.

To propagate concerns and formulate innovative proposals for drawing up and implementing policies, so that they contribute to the development of the public and private sectors. In cooperation with the local authorities, the national government and international organizations, to highlight geopolitical issues concerning energy and security, the green transition and the promotion of the Eastern Mediterranean into a region of sustainable development, cultural mutual understanding and international cooperation.

The five-year Memorandum of Cooperation, signed by the «Georgios M. Mihalos Foundation» NPO and the Organization for Natural Environment and Climate Change (NECCA), is catalytic in achieving the goal of promoting all actions highlighting the island’s unique volcanic environment and emphasizing local community growth and development.

Panagiotis (Peter) G. Mihalos
Founder & President

Nisyros, June 17, 2022