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«The Georgios M. Mihalos Foundation» NPO
Our Mission Statement

The «Georgios M. Mihalos Foundation – Sustainability of Nisyros» NPO, founded in 2021, is an international center for the exchange of views and fruitful «Dialogue» on issues of the Environment, Geopolitics and Eastern Mediterranean, Energy and Security, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development.

Panagiotis (Peter) G. Mihalos’ vision for his ancestral island of Nisyros, has been implemented along with fraternal friends and valuable partners, who share his vision for the advancement and sustainable development of Nisyros and who today constitute the Board of Directors of the Foundation. All together, and each individually, contribute their rich knowledge and their invaluable experience, to achieve the goals of the Foundation.

The «Georgios M. Mihalos Foundation» NPO aims to protect and highlight the natural and cultural heritage of Nisyros, by placing it on the global narrative in order to be a subject of international reflection and research, in the context of global sustainable development.

Through its initiatives and actions, the Foundation highlights and brings to the center of the international scene the unique local characteristics of the island, highlighting every element of its uniqueness, with the aim of protecting the natural environment and promoting the well-being of its inhabitants.

At the same time, by creating the think tank «Nisyros Dialogues – Bridging the East Med», it enriches the public debate by creating a politico-economic content, with opinions, thoughts and concerns, which will be properly utilized by the academic and scientific communities, decision-makers, public opinion leaders, representatives of civil society and the political leadership, thus contributing to the region’s environmentally sustainable development, education, and the formation of new business opportunities, so that Nisyros becomes an attractive destination for relocation and permanent residence.

At a time when the Eastern Mediterranean, as a place of conflict or synthesis of cultures, is again at the center of international interest, the creation of the think tank «Nisyros Dialogues – Bridging the East Med» and the existing communication channels of the Foundation’s executives with prominent personalities at an international level, provide the opportunity for the creation of an innovative productive model for the region, building new “bridges” of official and unofficial diplomacy, in a dynamic environment: In this corner of the planet, where energy competition affects international security, but also the challenge of building a fairer world.

«Nisyros Dialogues – Bridging the East Med» Think Tank

In this era, when the sustainable development of humanity in its natural environment is at stake and in an area that has been a hub of historical crossroads throughout time, we founded the «Nisyros Dialogues -Bridging the East Med» think tank.

Within this environment, the «Nisyros Dialogues – Bridging the East Med», a modern think tank with the aim of highlighting the Eastern Mediterranean as an area of sustainable development, cultural mutual understanding and international cooperation, promotes creative plans for the physical, energy and cultural sustainability, highlights new production and development models, builds international collaborations, connects with international research centers. They highlight Nisyros as the source of innovative sustainable policies for the entire region.

We start from the “small”, to reach the “big”.

To make the small island of Nisyros an international symbol of sustainable management of human and natural wealth and, in this way, to contribute to opening new roads for peace, security and development in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The «Nisyros Dialogues – Bridging the East Med» think tank propagates concerns and formulates innovative proposals for drawing up and implementing policies, so that they contribute to the development of the public and private sectors. In cooperation with the local authorities, the national government and international organizations, it highlights geopolitical issues concerning energy and security, the green transition and promotes the Eastern Mediterranean into a region of sustainable development, cultural mutual understanding and international cooperation.

The «Nisyros Dialogues – Bridging the East Med» think tank, is becoming a leading body for the circulation of ideas, a catalyst for the promotion of collaborations, a driving force for projects, but also an essential and moral sponsor, together with other recognized bodies, for highlighting the geopolitical challenges of the Eastern Mediterranean in the new era.

The collaborations up to now with the Presidency of the Hellenic Republic, the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Greek Government, as well as the five-year Memorandums of Cooperation signed by the Georgios M. Mihalos Foundation with the Natural Environment and Climate Change Organization and the Association for the Protection & Development of Hymettus Mountain (SPAY), are of catalytic importance in achieving the goal of promoting all the endeavors of the «Georgios M Mihalos Foundation» and the «Nisyros Dialogues»

«Nisyros Dialogues»
Bridging the East Med
Sustainability Partnership Growth

A think tank powered by the «Georgios M. Mihalos Foundation» NPO

Board of Directors

Panagiotis G. Mihalos

Founder & President
Entrepreneur, fmr Secretary General for International Economic Relations, MFA

Alexis Kogevinas

Ambassador a.h.

Christina Karantani

Tour Guide, Lecturer

Klea Kechagioglou

Cultural Advisor
Art Historian and Author of Ancient and Contemporary Art Publications

Dimitris Paraskevopoulos

Ambassador a.h.
fmr Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Theodora Ralli

Int'l & Public Affairs Executive
fmr ESIEA (Journalists' Union)

Honorary President

Thomas M.T. Niles

frm Assistant Secretary of State US for Europe and Canada
frm US Ambassador to Greece

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Yannis Maniatis

fmr Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change


Sokrates Alexiades

Architect engineer
fmr Secretary General of Urban Zoning & Environmental Planning

Konstantinos Antonopoulos


Elias Gounaris

Diplomat, Ambassador a.h.

Zenon Eliades

Entrepreneur, Cyprus

Aristeidis Kalogeropoulos - Stratis

fmr Secretary General for European Affairs, MFA

Evangelos Carokis

Ambassador a.h.

Hary Coccossis

Urban Planning and Environmental Planning

Moschos Korasidis

Agronomist, MSc MBA in Agribusiness
fmr Secretary General Ministry of Rural Development and Food

Aikaterini Lalaouni


Ariadne Mihalos

Environmental & Humanitarian Assistance

Panayotis Bernitsas

Managing Partner Bernitsas Law Firm
Associate Professor of International Economic Law

Konstantinos Triantis

Biology Professor
CEO, Natural Environment & Climate Change Organization
Member of the Academia Europaea
fmr Special Secretary for Water at the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change

Dimitris Tsitouras

Lawyer - Art Collector

Steve Bamundo


Fuad Kawar

Entrepreneur, Jordan

Jeffrey R. Olesen

U.S. Senior Foreign Service Officer, Ret

Charles Ries

Ambassador (Ret.)
Adjunct Senior Fellow Rand Corporation
fmr US Ambassador to Greece

Raed Al Rifai

fmr Ambassador of Kuwait to Greece

Daniel B. Smith

Ambassador (Ret.)
fmr Acting Secretary of State USA
fmr US Ambassador to Greece

Honorary Members

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

Prime Minister & Minister of Foreign Affairs Qatar

Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani

Chairman Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Fouad M.T. Al Ghanim

Honorary President of the Greece - Kuwait Business Council
President of the Kuwait - Russia Business Council

Fessas Theodoros

fmr President of the Federation of Greek Industry & Enterprises (SEV)